So as some of you know, I used to go by the name P.D.A. .. When I decided to "rebrand" to the name JANKINS, I took down all the old P.D.A. music and videos that I possibly could. Cause to be honest, I didn't want anybody to listen to it anymore.. My thoughts were "out with the old, in with the new"!! And when people would ask me where to find the old P.D.A. stuff, I would just tell them that its not around anymore, and that I have no intentions on giving the music to anybody or letting anybody hear it…

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JANKINS Interview on the Bayn Of Your Ears Podcast! 

Jankins sits down with Bayn for a two part interview on the Bayn Of Your Ears Podcast and talks everything from Ninja Turtles to Local Rapper from Wrestling to Riff Raff!! Check it out on iTunes and Sticher Smart Radio!

Part One:

Part Two:

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Veterans Day 2014 

Its crazy to think that back in the day warriors were treated like royalty, given riches and were presented with major feasts. They were praised by all for their constant sacrifices and for fighting for their kingdom. They rose in rank and could eventually become king!! Because they kept their people safe.. They would have peasants, jesters and fools come and play music for them and tell jokes.. And somewhere things got switched. We stopped caring about the warriors (Soldiers) that protect us and give their…Read more

Be Social! 

Hey Friends!

I shouldn't have to ask, because I know you are.. But ARE YOU ON TWITTER? INSTAGRAM? FACEBOOK? SOUNDCLOUD?

Well add me! Lets be social!

Also! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube!!

And if you are an ARTIST add me on REVERBNATION

Cause we all know fans don't use that shit.. Haha! :)

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