Veterans Day 2014 

Its crazy to think that back in the day warriors were treated like royalty, given riches and were presented with major feasts. They were praised by all for their constant sacrifices and for fighting for their kingdom. They rose in rank and could eventually become king!! Because they kept their people safe.. They would have peasants, jesters and fools come and play music for them and tell jokes.. And somewhere things got switched. We stopped caring about the warriors (Soldiers) that protect us and give their… Read more

Be Social! 

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie Review. 

If you follow me on Twitter (@whoJANKINS) or Instagram (@whoJANKINS), you probably know that I am a HUGE Ninja Turtle fan.. I have been a fan and collector since I was a kid, and continue to collect and support the TMNT. So last night I won a ticket to go see an advanced screening of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film with Machinima and Paramount Pictures in Burbank. A LOT of people have been hating on this movie before they have even seen it.. and its because of the confusion with the storyline and… Read more




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